Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to make money in Elance - Waiting for the answer

Day 6 to Day 12

May be the most existing or the boring part can be the wait for the reply from the client. In my experience you can expect only 1 response out of 5 leads.
So the basic idea is to pitch your sales by your proposal.
Here is some quick tips on how to stand apart from the other provider.

1. Put effort on making your profile
2. Put your strength, let the client feel that you can really deliver some real value rather than just some solution to the client.
3. Be specific when you are applying for the project. There is no point to repeat how big you are and how many fortune clients you handled. This is the place where you can let the client know how you are going to handle this project, relevant experience and your ideas.

And then .. back to the main topic. Waiting for the client to get back to you.
There is nothing a lot you can do at this time. You can consider only 30% is the real buyer in Elance. So if you try to check the ratings and track records of the buyers will be a good idea to keep your valuable connect.
If may be a good and useful idea is to connect the buyer using PMB. But please do not write .. once again a generic mails like
1. When you are going to award this project?
2. Are you still there?
3. Do you really want to do this project?

These kind of communication will never help you. Instead try to have some professional conversation like

1. i got one idea which may help you to do this project in a better way...
2. I guess if you don't start the project now then it may put you in a time pressure later.....

These kind of conversations really ring the bells and you may be able to connect the missing link sometimes..

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